A body in motion tends to stay in motion.



We believe that training our bodies to move in new and fun ways with a community of awesome people, is the path to moving our lives in a better direction. Ultimately, achieving the things we want outside of the gym and things that we never dreamed of.
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At BeMo, we believe in getting you fit for life. We are proud to be part of the MadLab Group and why our members stay with us for the long haul. Here is a video explaining what makes us different than any other gym that you have probably tried in the past.

Be More Guided

We believe in the “Coach For Life” model. Every member has their own Coach who will not only be with you the rest of your life, but will also help you get the max out of the life you live! We’ve found that an ‘Awesomeness Sherpa’ starting with you day one is the fastest and safest way for you to get results without having to learn things on your own.

Be More Included

Our coaches and our community celebrate every success whether it is someone’s first knee push-up or their first 5k run. We know that ‘together is better’ when it comes to fitness and learning.

Be More Fit

You will learn how to use and maintain you body in ways that you have never imagined. We focus our instruction on getting the most out of every minute you can spare to come into the gym, to get maximum results outside of the gym enjoying life!

Be More Motivated

Creating new habits can feel impossible with all of life’s obstacles and road blocks. We work individually with every member to make sure you have the accountability and the tools to succeed.

Be More YOU

Every personal training session and every group class is customized to your goals and your body. There is no pressure to move faster than what you are comfortable, no assumptions as to where you are at personally, and no judgments to how fast you are progressing.

Be More Healthy

We believe that exercise without lifestyle changes is not the fastest way to health and not the best for the long term.  We will work with you on customized dietary plans, sleep habits, workouts while you are away, etc. Our program is more of an education on how to get the BEST results, rather than a place to burn calories and punish yourself.


Jeremy Jones

Jeremy Jones

Jeremy believes that the long term pursuit of movement mastery with awesome friends is the key to leading a happy and healthy life.  He spent about 20 years teaching martial arts and competing in MMA.  In 2004 he started doing ‘functional fitness’ in order to be in better shape for his training, to look good with his shirt off, and to be able to be better at snowboarding. Since opening his first gym in 2005, he has been getting his kicks by helping people take charge of their lives by giving them to tools to shape their bodies and their lives through fitness. He loves longboarding, snowboarding, playing in the ocean, and being a good dad. His favorite part of BeMo is that he gets to hang out with great people and help them do things they never though possible.

Craig Moore

Craig Moore

Craig’s fitness interests started at a young age playing various sports in Benicia (wrestling, football, baseball, track), then eventually playing soccer in college. Before finding Benicia movement Craig followed different training regimens always expanding his knowledge of fitness. Craig has been expanding his active, wide ranging, knowledge in fitness with a dedication and passion to help clients achieve their goals.

Jenn Moore

Jenn Moore

Jenn grew up in Benicia and discovered her passion for the sport of gymnastics at an early age. Jenn coached recreational/competitive gymnastics for 4 years. After Jenn received her level 1 certification in 2012, she found her background as a gymnastic athlete and coach has helped her to become a better coach for life. Jenn loves to share her knowledge and passion to help her athlete/clients to achieve their goals.

Riki Chacon

Riki Chacon

Riki’s life purpose is getting people to avoid the nursing home through fitness. When he is not humbling himself in the gym, he enjoys rolling around with his buddies at the local Brazilian Jiu Jitsu academy. He is also known for his extensive knowledge in 80’s movie quotes, karokee singing, and for his collection of Disney coffee mugs. Riki’s favorite part of BeMo is transitioning and facilitating postive lifestyle changes for his members.

What To Expect When Signing Up At Benicia Movement

  • A free one hour private consultation with a coach.
  • An in depth understanding of what your personal needs and goals are.
  • A full explanation of our Fitness System, why it works and how it will apply to you.

Meet Your Coach For Life

Once you’ve decided you want to get into the best shape of your life and contact us, your coach will reach out to you. They will schedule a one on one private consultation with you to understand your goals and assess where you are.


“BeMo was a great find for me 4 months ago.  I was totally new to this and can’t say enough great things about them. I was curious about functional fitness but was nervous that I wasn’t in good enough shape. The coaches at BeMo are genuinely interested in each individual person and will help you learn and scale any workout.  BeMo really is a community.  It really is a completely different and improved experience than I had with a regular gym membership! I feel I made the best decision I could have made to join there.”

Don R

“Just a perfect place to get healthy in all areas of fitness and nutrition, meet some cool people that will start showing up to lend a hand, to give moral support, or at your house to celebrate. Big pluses for family friendly and amazing coaches with strong commitment to your personal health and wellness goals.”

Chan S.

“Benicia Movement has changed my world in many ways. I was never one to enjoy anything athletic, anything that was a group and I would never do anything on my own…so for me to look forward to each workout is so far from the norm for me but I never felt intimidated or scared at BeMo since everyone was incredibly inviting and encouraging. I love the support system at BeMo the coaches are incredible and the overall programming is stellar. If you are in Benicia or the surrounding area it would behoove you to check out BeMo and try a WOD.”

Natalie B.

“Benicia Movement is the best. Been a member for a year and a half and wouldn’t go anywhere else. I even pay the 5 dollars to cross the bridge from Martinez to workout lol! I love the programming.. family like environment and the coaches there are the best..”

Andrew S.

Location: 685 Stone Rd. #17, Benicia, CA 94510

Benicia Movement

685 Stone Rd. #17


Benicia, CA 94510

(707) 742-3095

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Benicia Movement

685 Stone Rd. #17

Benicia, CA 94510

(707) 742-3095